Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Choosing Sides as an Adult

The French Revolution
What side should I be on? I don't work, so my income is affected by the capital gains and inheritance taxes the Republicans are trying to repeal. Maybe I should be a Republican.

On the other hand, my capital gains income is poverty level and I live with my mother, so I can't afford health insurance or even health care. Maybe I should support Bernie Sanders.

Since nobody around town seems interested in hiring me for employment, maybe I should be an Anarcho-communist.

I was raised in a family of Democrats. What have the Democrats done? Feathered their own nests by taking huge legal bribes from Wall Street, lobbyists, and dark-money from other billionaire special interests, just like the Republicans. Both parties have an Establishment wing and basically everyone else who are mostly poor.

Unfortunately not a lot of the "unwashed" are intelligent enough to recognize when they are being pitted against one-another instead of focusing on the real source of their manipulation. Maybe I should join the Establishment.

The problem with joining the Establishment is you must be invited. You can't just do their bidding and expect to get more than just a few table-scraps and a disapproving smirk, but Congress doesn't seem to recognize that, and they continue to kowtow and throw themselves prostrate at the feet of their billionaire donors.

These "people" we elect to public office are willing to apply a scorched earth policy to give the elite everything they want for a few campaign dollars. Well, everyone else has had enough of that.

There are only the elite, and the rest of us. The sooner everyone recognizes this, we can take back our country.

They could have been just a little generous. They could still be wealthy, but they can't seem to have enough. So enough already.