Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Mood

Gradually, even the alternative media is being overtaken by discussions about Donald Trump. Someone by now must have calculated the amount of time the media spent discussing what Donald Trump said, and calculated the ratio of time reporting facts to time speculating. The media fills time speculating about White House intrigue instead of reporting on issues of income inequity, the environment, climate, poverty and actual policies.

I just want to shut it all out of my life, yet I realize that's precisely what the Establishment wants all of us to do: to become overwhelmed with a sense of hopelessness, and to begin operating under the dark cloud of learned helplessness. Throwing ourselves prostrate at the feet of our corporate masters.

Instead. I started working out at Planet Fitness. I only started yesterday after decades of lethargy. My mood improved immediately and I now sleep much better.

I have a very long way to go. I need to lose well over a hundred pounds.