Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Spinning our wheels again?

LinkedIn posted an article about getting a raise in 2017 with an image of a $100 bill as a jigsaw puzzle. I remembered spending time working on jigsaw puzzled and I wondered 'why the Hell was wasting time putting puzzles together?'

It got me thinking about a lot of my activities, none of which had any elements of productivity. I thought about the wider scope of our society's involvement in such activities.

How did we fall into these traps of wasted productivity and who is responsible for creating these self-destructive, distracting novelties? Apparently we humans have much less control over our own lives than we wish to believe.

Since meaning is in people, not in things, some people are capable of changing the meaning of things for everyone else. Changing the meaning, changing the value, changing the purpose. These people know how the human brain works.

While you probably studied "abnormal" psychology, they studied "normal" psychology, the kind of psychology considered unethical by most public universities. The Ivy League wouldn't dare give away these magicians' secrets.

The best examples of what they've done to you is right in front of you, but completely invisible.

You're going to movies, watching TV, playing games, solving puzzles, voluntarily consuming toxic substances, paying good money for environmentally destructive future garbage.

Can you create something useful that can later be re-purposed after its usefulness expires?

Is there a community workshop in your area where you can go create your own things? If I had the money and the land I would certainly love to build such a place and hire a team of fabrication specialists.

Notice I used the word 'puzzled' in the first paragraph instead of the word 'puzzles?'
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