Saturday, October 7, 2017

When Life Begins

Cells depicted are not to scale relative to each-other.
Is there really a beginning and an end to life? Many people think life begins at conception. Many people believe life begins with the first breath.

According to the word of God through Moses in Leviticus 27: 1-9, God placed no value on life before age one month and no value on life after age sixty. In those days, life expectancy was extremely low.

Someone close to me thinks the abortion issue is tearing this country apart, but I suspect that most people really don't care that much, just the media hype when scandals erupt.

Congressman Tim Murphy, a self-described pro-life, family values politician resigned after it was discovered he encouraged his extra-marital girlfriend to get an abortion.

Self-described "conservative" billionaire, Illinois governor Bruce Rauner signed a bill expanding tax-payer funded abortions, enraging his base to the point where John Tillman, chairman of the Illinois Policy Institute which helped thrust forward Rauner's campaign, called him "Benedict Rauner."

But when does life really begin? Does it even really have a beginning or an end?

Men produce millions of sperm every day, but it takes 74 days before they finally mature, then they only live from three to five days. This three to five day window is when sperm are able to find and fertilize a female egg. But an egg is only ready to be fertilized for twenty four hours before it dissolves, and not another egg is ready for twenty eight days. Sperm left behind die and are either reabsorbed or pass from the body in urine.

Meanwhile, Only three hundred to four hundred of a female's eggs will be ovulated in her lifetime, leaving hundreds of thousands of potential candidate eggs behind.

So, hundreds of thousands of abandoned eggs and millions upon millions of abandoned sperm are left behind to never combine and grow into people. And this is just from one male and one female.

Where's the the outcry? Where's the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments over this horrific tragedy?
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