Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Camp

Occasionally I think of a story idea and take it along for about a paragraph before I discover it's ridiculous and cliche. A typical stream of thought a few minutes ago led me to what amounts to nothing more than a prelude to John Carpenter's film Escape from New York. I'm bombarded by shared news stories on social media. Instead of watching television I get my news from the Internet. I seem to have inadvertently surrounded myself with a motley band of the most dour pessimists on the Web.

The rich are getting richer, food is being genetically manipulated, bees that pollinate our food supply are dying from pesticides or pesticide resistant parasites, The glaciers that supply China and India with fresh water are disappearing, radiation is leaking all over, governments are defaulting or trying to start wars, the oceans are filling with plastic, groundwater in the United States is contaminated with fracking chemicals. Coal burning power plants are being overtaxed by the rapid growth of charging electric cars. There are fewer customers because they don't get paid enough to have a spending allowance. The unemployed who are about to lose their benefits are going to go berserk.

I have yet to see any jobs posted on career websites for FEMA Camp Counselors. Hey, you know what? It just occurred to me to look up barbed wire fencing material sales. Maybe I could buy stock in it? It's also a good idea to stock up on little things like disposable lighters that you can barter for food. This is about as far as my motivation takes me right now.

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