Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Employment Update

It looks like I finally got the help I needed with my Resume. All the necessary changes have been made and approved. I have four separate resumes for experience and skill sets: Audiovisual, computer, navy and retail.

The problem is my experience varies from one field to another intermittently over decades, so there will be huge gaps of time in each resume. They are each reduced to only two pages, if I presented my complete resume it would be about eight or ten pages long.

I'll be lucky if anyone hires me because I'm 54 in July, but the doctors at the V.A. told me I'm healthy, no signs of cancer, no STD's. I'm working out at Planet Fitness and eating right. So far I lost around 24 pounds, but I have at least 140 more to go before I reach the green zone on my BMI chart.

But I live in isolation for economic reasons. It's boring and lonely. I need challenges so every day I go online to forums where people need help with Adobe or Microsoft and I make suggestions or edit files. I often answer questions at for young people who are about to make some of the mistakes I made growing up. I sometimes do research and gather data for charts and tables.

If you scroll to the bottom here, you'll see some of my other blogs, except for spfldnet. Just google "spfldnet" and you'll see where else I spend my alone time. It's not the best quality, but hey, I'm not getting paid for any of it.

I would like to get paid for what I do, but Patreon or GoFundMe accounts yield nothing. Freelance work online is globally competitive so it's a race to the bottom.