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The list is updated as of 05/11/2016.

The Mainstream Media | Back to Top
Who Owns What: Columbia School of Journalism Database of Mass Media Ownership
Who Owns The Air Waves: Database of FCC Broadcast License Holders. (You might be surprised who actually owns them.)
ABYZ News Links: World Wide Index of News Media
Library of Congress: Find Anything Ever Published
Alternative News and Opinion Back to Top
Addicting Info: A scathing critique of right-wing politics
The Advocate: LGBTQ Advocacy News
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU): Help Us Defend Liberty, Equality & Justice
AFL-CIO Now: News and information about unions
Anonymous: We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Don Not Forget. Expect Us.
Anti-Media: "Against the Current Mainstream Paradigm"
A-Revolt: Digital Anarchy. Don't Miss The Stimulator
The Humanist: The Secular Humanist Movement
The Intercept: Fearless Adversarial Journalism
ALEC Exposed: Corporations are trying to write your laws.
Adbusters: Deprogramming Your Corporate Condtioning
Alternet: Aternative News
The Brad Blog: Political Podcast w/ Emphasis on Electoral Misconduct.
Brave New Films: Social Justice Documentary Films That Will Make You Furious.
The Center for Public Integrity: 2014 Pulitzer Prize Winning Investigative Journalism
Common Dreams: Breaking News for the Progressive Community
Congressional Dish: (Podcast) Jen Briney closely examines and critiques legislation so you don't have to.
Counter-Current News: Special Emphasis On The Activities of the Police State
Counter-Punch: Critically Examines Claims / Assertions and False Propaganda
Crooks and Liars: Scathing Critiques of Pundits and Politicians.
Daily Kos: Rapidly Updating News and Opinions. Bonus Analytics. Check more than once a day.
The Daily Show: News Filtered Through Satire: Watch Comedy Central Weeknights at 11PM
Democracy Now: Progressive Social Justice Television Format with Transcripts Available.
Democratic Underground: Massive Message Board Format Sharing News and More.
Economic Policy Institute: Demand-Side Economic Analysis
EcoWatch: News on Environmental Impact and More
Egberto Willies: Progressive Author, Podcaster, Blogger
Election Protection: Updates Abou Election Shenanigans
Expose The TPP: (Trans-Pacific Partnership) NAFTA on Steroids. Hard Facts, but watch out for Statistical Syllogisms.
Fierce Markets: Business Media Unbound
Food Safety News: Outbreaks, Recalls, Food Related Politics and More.
Forward Progressives: Criticism of the Right, But Ambiguous About Status as Really Progressive or Establishment Democrat.
Freak Out Nation: Covering the Insanity of The Right
Free Speech TV: Video Live Stream Progressive Media
Greg Palast: Investigative Journalist focusing on Election Fraud
Harry Shearer: Actor, Author, Comedian, Musician, Philosopher, Political Satirist... Don't miss Le Show each week.
Hot Air: Right-Wing Perspective. Links and Blog Roll to Other Right-Wing Sources.
Liberal America: More Criticism of Conservatism Than Mentions of Anything Liberal, But Worth Checking Daily.
Liberals Unite: Not Afraid to Call Out the Establishment
Mark Fiore: Humorous Political Animated Cartoons.
Max Keiser's Financial War Report: Concise Reports on Global Financial Shenanigans.
Media Matters: Analysis and Criticism of Mostly Fox News, but more frequently other outlets like CNN, MSNBC. etc.
Mediaite: Analysis and Criticism of Mainstream Media
Mic. : We Think We Know What Appeals to Millennials (age 18-34).
Michael Moore: Documentary Filmmaker Extraordinaire.
Mike Malloy: Listen While Drinking and Playing Minecraft if You Want To Keep Calm.
Mint Press News: Not Afraid of Israel
The Moderate Voice: Centrist Aplogetics
Mother Jones: Labor and Social Justice News Magazine
New Republic: Challenging Popular Opinion Since 1914
Occupy: Updates on the Occupy Movement
Off The Grid with Jessie Ventura: (Video) Yeah, it's worth it.
Op Ed News: A Lot of Interesting Perspective
PasteBin: Totally Anonymous Message Board
People's World: News for the 99%
Political People Blog: Progressive News and Opinions, Tilting Towards Hillary Clinton.
Politifact: Pulitzer Prize Winning Fact-Checker
Political Revolution TV: (YouTube Channel)
The Progressive: Unapologetic to the Establishment
Progressive Democrats of America: So far, pro-Bernie Sanders real progressives.
Progressive Voices: Tunein Radio Access to live Progressive Talk.
Pro-Publica: Journalism in the Public Interest
Public Citizen / Trade Watch: News and Supporting Evidence Against Bad Global Trade Policies.
Raw Story: Fearless News You Won't Find in Corporate Media.
Real Time With Bill Maher Blog: Watch Friday's at 10PM on HBO.
Real Clear Politics: News and Opinions Aggregated From Main-Stream Pundits.
Redacted Tonight (YouTube Channel): Political Satire The Mainstream Media Won't Dare Touch.
Reddit: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Right-Wing-Watch: The Horror Show From Which You Cannot Look Away.
Ring of Fire Network: Calling Out the B.S. Loudly, and Sometimes Long-Windedly.
RT (Russia Today): News Not Impeded by Western Corporate Media Owners.
Salon: A subsidiary of the Washington Post that tries to "totally rad, dude!"
Sane Progressive: YouTube Channel
Socialist Alternative: Fighting Racism, Sexism and Inequality
Shadowproof: Peeling the veneer away from propaganda.
The Smirking Chimp: News and Commentary from the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy
PR Watch: (The Center for Media and Democracty) Focusing on Corporate Malfeasance
The Daily Beast: An Unapologetic, Yet Publicly Traded News Organization
The Daily Caller: Founded by Tucker Carlson
The Guardian: A news source that seems unfettered by corporate or governmental censorship or constraints.
The Real News Network: Pro-Social Justice Viewer Supported Video News Program
The Young Turks (TYT): They have a lot of good things to say, then they keep chattering, revealing their naivete about life in general
Think Progress: Please think it, because there are horror stories here.
Thom Hartmann: A memory of history you will likely never enounter again in your lifetime.
TOMO News: An amazingly hilarious interpretation of western society
True Activist: Some Programs Are Actually Working Despite Criticism by the Mainstream Media.
Truthdig: More News The Corporate Media Wants You to Ignore.
Truthout: News and Directives For Social Justice Action
U.S. Right To Know: News About What Your are Eating Right Now
U.S. Uncut: The things the Establishment think they can get away with! They apparently are getting away with it.
Vice News: I can't tell if it's a distraction or if the majority of it's news will impact all of our every-day lives.
WikiLeaks: Before you pick out an Axe at the hardware store for someone's head, you should probably register to vote, but get the axe anyway.
World Economic Forum: You know, those people who meet in Davos, Switzerland each year to talk about the peasants.
World Socialist Website: Read about how the world's elite are screwing all of us.
Wonkette: A Visceral, Scathing Diatribe of A-Holes In The World.
World War 4 Report: Everything you wish you never heard about the greed destroying the planet.
Zero Hedge: Wall Street is like an old stove in your cottage where mice nested. One summer someone wanted to bake Brownies so they pre-heated the oven without first inspecting it.
Political Action Resources | Back to Top
Ballotpedia: The Encyclopedia of American Politics
Democratic Governors Association: Helping Elect Democratic Governors Check Up On Legislative Action and Your Legislator's Voting Record.
Open Secrets: Finding The Money in Politics
Vote Smart: A Consolidated Database of Information About Politicians and Individuals Appointed to Agencies.
LittleSis: A free database of who knows what at the height of business and government.
Muckety: (Info-Graphics) Mapping Connections of the Rich, Famous and Influential
Map Light: Revealing money's influence on politics.
Critical Thinking Skills Development | Back to Top
Learn How To Win Arguments
The Critical Thinking Community: A Vast Resource For College Students and Professionals.
Logical Fallacies: An Encyclopedia of Erros of Reasoning
Fallacy Files: Lots of Examples and Resources To Help Understand Logical Fallacies
What is Groupthink: When a group makes faulty decisions because of group pressure
Index Mundi: Vast Collection of Statistical Data
Bureau of Economic Analysis: U.S. Department of Commerce (Beware of Potential Political Expediency)
Economic Policy Institute: Focusing on the Needs of Low and Middle Income Workers
Freakonomics: Podcasts and Stories That Apply Economics in Unusual Ways.
Blog Search Tools | Back to Top
Alltop: An Aggregation of Popular Internet Media Sources.
Blog Catalog: A Directory of Blogs
Your Version: Helps You Find What Interests You on the Internet.
Physical Relocation / Migration | Back to Top
(Are You Planning a Move?)
Find Your Spot: Take a survey to find out where you will best fit in.
City-Data: Get More Details About Your Prospective Location
A Map of Shootings in America: (Salon) Crime Data
Trulia: Find Housing (Rentals / Mortgages)
Zillow: Buy, Rent, Sell (Real Estate)
Note: I found my apartment by accident and it was not listed on the websites provided here, so always keep an eye out.
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