Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I wish I started a business a long time ago, I'm really falling in love with cotton. I hate polyester and wool makes me itch like crazy. I also hate skimpy little bath towels. I want huge bath towels that actually still have some dry spots left on them after use. I also want an oversized bathrobe with a hood made of one hundred percent cotton. I want  one hundred percent cotton blankets and linens, and I want extra-long cotton shirts with at least one pocket.

I want a start a specialty retail outlet for cotton goods. Of course I would oversee its management for a while but the point of the business would be to quickly delegate the day-to-day tasks to managers, supervisors, clerks, etc.

Of course I'm interested in profit, but I want good employees, not desperate employees. Is it so wrong to see payroll as an investment in community stability? Would a more cooperative model be appropriate with employees as owners? Maybe not at first.

I may still have the option of a V.A. small business loan, even though I my service dates back to the early 1990s. Unfortunately I served during peacetime (1986-1994) and nobody gives a shit unless you were in a war. Not even if you're looking for work.
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