Thursday, May 17, 2007

No time for myself.

I've scattered my opinions across more than eight blogs not only here at Blogger, but also at Myspace, Friendfinder, Facebook, and many more. I can only refer you to as the main entry point.

As for myself, I graduated at UIS last week. It looks like my assignment through Express Personnel is winding down and I don't know if I want to take the summer off or get another assignment. If they don't have anything for me right away I might spend more time working on my websites and designing fliers and T-Shirts for my Freethinker friends.

I looked for work in the mainstream media, but most of the mainstream outlets are hemorrhaging subscribers and advertisers who are turning toward the Internet to find customers. Unfortunately, or I should say fortunately for myself, they are trying to apply old marketing strategies on the Internet. The result would be like simply transplanting a person from an office space into outer space, in a business suit instead of an astronaut suit.
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