Sunday, September 2, 2007

All about me

Today I weigh 295.5 pounds.
In 2002 I weighed 318 pounds.
In 2003 I weighed 240 pounds, from working hard at Lowes, but the trade off was constant pain in my knees and numbness in my shoulders and fingers.

I'm 43 now. The effort to lose weight hardly seems worth it anymore. I have no children to take care of, so it really doesn't matter. In reality, my living relatives stand to barely break even on my funeral expeses.

I don't want a traditional funeral. I want to be food for an oak tree. Bury me without a protective casket or crypt at the foot of an oak tree or plant a mature tree directly over my grave.

We're supposed to become part of the eco system after we perish, not seal away our collections of minerals and organic nutrients from nature. That wouldn't be fair. Besides, nature gets to us anyway. it just takes longer.
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