Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update Downdate

Who cares? I never send any mail but I still occasionally receive Christmas cards from friends and relations. I'm lucky my mother allows me to stay with her while I get back on my feet. Here in Springfield, Illinois it's not easy. I've been trying to get "back on my feet" for at leasts six years now. The whispers have started that I'm using my mother as a krutch.

I will eventually wear out my welcome here too. Where I will go I don't know. The last time I wore out my welcome I was forced into joining the military out of desperation for a job, but this time I'm too old for the military.

I'm not getting ahead in Springfield, and from what I'm reading, neither are a whole lot of other people unless they start their own businesses. As far as I've seen, in Springfield you never get beyond one paycheck away from homelessness if you work for someone other than the government.

It appears that graduating from college doesn't put you farther up the income ladder, it raises questions in the minds of prospective employers. They must be asking themselves "If he's a college graduate, why is he applying for employment here in Springfield of all places?" They must be thinking that if they don't even give you the courtesy of a job interview.
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