Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Semester's over

I finished my prerequisite classes of Economics and Accounting. Never take the two together in the same semester. The accounting curriculum was extremely high-maintenance and should be taken alone.

I barely squeaked by in Accounting. The information I absorbed during the semester is still fermenting and things I couldn't remember on the test or didn't seem logical when I read them are starting to fit.

This is why it makes sense to speak clearly to an infant and even read to them before they can speak, because a parent's expectations of infant development are based entirely on the parent's perception of the infant's ability to articulate, and not the truly more advanced capacity for the infant to absorb information.

I'm still waiting for my grade in Economics, the textbook of which mentioned almost nothing of Keynes. There was one paper on Keynes, about half a sheet.

Every week I kept telling myself This can't be worthwhile because the current state of our economy is the result of this sort of information. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles? Demand-Pull Inflation? Are you serious? Look where we are!

Now I'm under pressure to find a shit job that pays in turds.
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