Saturday, August 8, 2009

Too much fun but too little time

I've been having too much fun making outlandish claims and conspiracy theories on my other blogs. I hope nobody is actually taking them seriously. I wish I could get paid for using my imagination, I wouldn't be so stressed out that my creativity is stunted.

You should be able to use real logic and critical thinking skills to determine the truth about any claims, and you should also understand that arguments and claims that I propose on my other blogs with little or no evidence can be safely dismissed as speculation or just a bit of fun on my part.

Some of the things I've written made me appear to be crazy, but the really insane conspiracy theorists approach their claims with an obsession for detail that is actually detrimental to other aspects of their lives.

I don't waste time with a speculation unless I'm deliberately writing fiction, however, some of my statements are offered as prods toward or away from certain directions of thought.

My statements about the recent hang-man's noose incidents were meant to make people think "Wait a minute..." Why are there no pictures of the nooses?

Of course information is withheld pending investigation, but you must stop yourselves from being worked into a frenzy before it's too late. The news media are keeping an eye on the issue, meanwhile, local town hall meetings are being disrupted from being beneficial, by groups of wackos with nutty ideas about euthanasia of the elderly.

Fore more information see the blog for

So calm down.
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