Monday, July 26, 2010

Organizing my time

I apologize for my neglect of the other blogs. I have a work schedule that changes frequently and spans all of the 24 hours of the day. I'm perpetually tired and I don't get paid for blogging, so sleep is usually my priority. I also don't have time to access my computer that has all of graphics software so I've been unable to produce any illustrations.

I'm in the minimum wage work-a-day meat grinder that so many people face. Everyone around me is struggling with debt and raising children, some in second marriages, most with college loans on top of credit card debt. Some don't imagine themselves getting out of debt for fifty years if ever. It's become a way of life from which there appears to be no escape. I was almost there too, but since I'm alone, I was able to sell my house after I lost my job in 2001, pay off my debts and move in with family.

Now my problem is earning enough money to finally get out on my own again. March of 2012 will mark a decade of living with my mother. I try to help wherever possible and I'm amazed that she tolerated me so well for so long. The unemployment rate is still very high. The underlying message of the current economy is "be your own boss" but public education counter-message has always been "get a career."

I graduated from tech school and college with a degree in communication. This education has afforded me the ability to observe and analyze behavior of people in their daily environments, their conditioned responses, various values and perception of short-term and long-term consequences.

Working at my current level of society is fascinating. Gradually the evidence is accumulating in favor of the conclusion that this segment of society is suffering from Stockholm syndrome, accepting their conditions as normal. I would like to find a way to break the conditioning without appearing unpatriotic or un-American.

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