Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another pocket book

The last one doesn't live up to expectations. Sure it can be used as an hourly calendar, but I need something smaller, like a 3" by 5" book that will actually fit in my pocket. Nobody seems to publish and bind on-demand in that size, so I guess that's out. Onward.

I'm publishing a collection of stories from my Menagerie of Madness blog as a paperback. I decided to pick the cheapest shipping cost so it will be a while before it gets here. I still have more stories to add to it so I may be doing additional volumes. I figure it would be a great item to sell at airport gift shops because most of the stories are only a couple of pages. Most of them are really stupid and incomplete too, so I really don't have any expectations.

The waterproofing guys are in the basement below me right now, boring holes in the concrete walls. I hope they don't split the foundation and cause an avelanche of dirt and bricks, burying themselves and their tools. I hope the back wall of the condo doesn't crumble like dominos all the way across the back of the rest of the units.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back-to-school spending flap on Wall Street

The obligatory back-to-school spending registered on Wall Street as a general indicator that the economy is improving, however, parents who begrudgingly went further into debt to spend money on their children so they can get a decent education, will be retracting spending severely until the beginning of the Holiday season.

Reuters reported that Wall Street was flat because the financial sector balanced against the gains of retail.

Better watch out. There's going to be a steeper drop between now and Black Tuesday due to the back-to-school effect.