Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another pocket book

The last one doesn't live up to expectations. Sure it can be used as an hourly calendar, but I need something smaller, like a 3" by 5" book that will actually fit in my pocket. Nobody seems to publish and bind on-demand in that size, so I guess that's out. Onward.

I'm publishing a collection of stories from my Menagerie of Madness blog as a paperback. I decided to pick the cheapest shipping cost so it will be a while before it gets here. I still have more stories to add to it so I may be doing additional volumes. I figure it would be a great item to sell at airport gift shops because most of the stories are only a couple of pages. Most of them are really stupid and incomplete too, so I really don't have any expectations.

The waterproofing guys are in the basement below me right now, boring holes in the concrete walls. I hope they don't split the foundation and cause an avelanche of dirt and bricks, burying themselves and their tools. I hope the back wall of the condo doesn't crumble like dominos all the way across the back of the rest of the units.
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