Thursday, December 2, 2010

My about myself

I really don't like writing about myself. I'm not a sales person, I tried sales a long time ago and decided I hated it.

Please don't claim you saw my resume at and then ask me to join your insurance or financial services pyramid scheme, it blatantly shows that you didn't see my resume.

I'm currently working as a security guard, mostly nights, which makes me almost non-functional during the day when I need to do things like run errands, apply for other jobs, or produce content for my sites.

I would really like a dual-use property, a place where I can live and work. A nice store-front with a studio in the back and living space with at least two bedrooms.

I doubt anything like this will be found in Springfield, IL. If you don't own the property you work from here, and you don't have an established lawyer in your family here in Springfield, IL., your business and your family will get the life sucked out of it. I'm only still alive today because we have some farmland. I'm sorry I can't say the same for my father and his father before him who were killed by Springfield.
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