Saturday, November 19, 2011

Herd animals have morality.

I'm having one of those moments right after waking up and drinking the first cup of really strong coffee. I know there are distinct categories of values for the self-centered survivalist-oriented "Objectivist" Libertarians on Wall Street:

"You are responsible for your choices and you have the free-will to choose to learn how not to make the mistakes that keep you poor, and we (The 1%) have the right to take complete advantage of you for not doing so."

Then there are those weird conservative Republicans who tout "Family Values" and claim to be "Christian," yet behave in a way that would make proud both Ayn Rand and Niccolo Machiavelli.

It would appear that the "Moral Majority" in this case is clearly the most dangerous predator of our species, demonstrating a sociopathological value system that takes the most advantage of the least educated among us.

Most herd based animal species demonstrate morality by protecting weaker members of the herd against predators as best they can. They don't have religion.

The downfall or morality started when primates began to split into groups and fight over resources. Even individual monkeys hid food from other members of the same group.

Not too long later was born the distorted rantionale that such deception was morally acceptable because other monkeys should have been more aware of their surroundings and notices the deception in the monkey hiding the food.

What is especially disturbing is that such monkeys hiding food are not the alpha males of the group. They are using cleverness to undermine the whole group. This ultimately results in depletion of resources to the point where the entire group's survival is at risk.

The result is another group marauding through the group's territory, severing the leadership, plundering the resources and enslaving the members who are allowed to survive.

The stronger group that will overtake other groups will be the group that is honest and transparent of policy, and equitable and efficient with resources. Not the self-interested objectivist libertarians who claim they are God-fearing Republicans.
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