Thursday, March 1, 2012

Personal update

I've been fighting Gout for the last two weeks. The last three days I had off from work I was bed bound, getting up for the occasional meal, tending the cat, and bathroom breaks.

I believe the worst is over. I'm able to put my left shoe on with less pain than the last several days, however, I will be working the next four, so I'll see if the pain continues to subside or exacerbate.

I finally got a little extra money so I can get my car's front end aligned properly, and maybe get meds if necessary for my Gout. I really hate having Gout, it has such a stigma associated to it from myths that is has been mostly ignored by science and used by profiteers for their own ends. All the information on the Internet and direct recommendations by physicians and nurses is so contradictory that there appears no straight answer. The field of Gout research appears the same as the field of research in Diabetes, weight loss and dieting. It's almost so ridiculously varied that I want to try to prove a conspiracy by the organized Health Care Industrial Complex.

The health information subterfuge is a weapon to exploit the poor. It's not enough to ignore people when they are down, they must keep you down, and all it takes is a continuous flow of disinformation.

I don't have health insurance through my employer and I earn minimum wage. If it were not for my additional income I would have died a long time ago, having smothered myself to death in a bid to finally rid myself of pain. I suppose that's the way the world works, survival of the fittest and all that.

Ironically, I am a security officer at a hospital. If you are a health care professional, how secure do you feel now that you know security officers are treated so poorly? How does that bode for your security? Some Emergency Room personnel are well aware of this and call the local police for assistance instead of calling their own security officers.

As far as minimum wage is concerned in Illinois, a retired state employee I know personally, gets a check in the mail every month that is three times the minimum wage. Likewise, the starting salary for a janitor working for the state of Illinois is three times the minimum wage. Why does the state government mandate such a huge disparity of income for its citizens?

Businesses want to sell things and make a profit and the state wants to earn more sales tax revenue, yet they both don't want to create the demand necessary for that end by raising the minimum wage. It just doesn't make sense. Oh, and don't give me that bullshit about "inflation" being uncontrollable.
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