Thursday, July 5, 2012


I left Springfield, Illinois almost Immediately after Memorial Day for the Pacific north west. I drove across the country on Interstate 90, through parts of Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Mntana, Idaho and finally, Washington.

I stopped at Mount Rushmore, The Devil's Tower and Yellowstone along the way. There were times when I thought my car was not going to make it up the mountains, and other times where what seemed like hours would pass on the road with only the road itself and the fences to indicate any human had been there at all.

Now I'm living in Shoreline, Washington, just a few minutes north of Seattle. The temperature can barely climb over seventy degrees here this week while the rest of the country is roasting in a drought and heat wave. However, it is only early July.

I just opened a new bank account but the bank has a hold on my funds for two weeks until they clear, so I'm holding my breath while my old bank account dwindles to near nothing because I cannot yet transfer my automatic payments over to my new bank. Not only that, I can't even begin to furnish my new apartment. Luckily I had enough to buy a small bed, but that's it. It is going to get extremely close. I'm near panic every day over that plus my car is long overdue for an oil change.

Cross your fingers.
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