Monday, September 23, 2013

Summary of these days

This is the horrible summary of what's going on so far.
  • Evolution makes inroads against human species
    • Anti-bacterial agents are killing off the weaker bacteria, making room for the survival of more resilient strains that will soon be unconquerable. This is happening in hospitals and the food supply.
    • Pesticides are inadvertently destroying species that are necessary for a balanced eco-system.
      • Bees that pollinate our crops.
      • Bats that feed on disease carrying insects
    • Genetic modifications in crops that eliminate certain infesting species are likewise making room for more resilient pests.
  • Human behavior has been altered to self-destruct by short-term profiteers.
    • Competition for consumers motivated producers to add ever-increasing volumes of sodium, fat, sugar and other addictive substances with severe long-term consequences to processed food, to such a degree that it crowded-out and priced-out more healthy choices.
    • Government social service programs subsidize resources to the needy, artificially accelerating the surplus population, creating a strain on indigenous food and energy resources, requiring imperial conquest for outside resources to sustain the vicious cycle of population growth to available resources. The false perception of unlimited resources and added public benefits of having extra children contribute to the eminent collapse of western civilization. Birth must be centrally managed to ensure the survival of our civilization.
  • Melting ice is changing the environment
    • The volumes of ice previously trapped in glaciers and the polar ice caps is not only melting into oceans to change ocean currents, raise the water level and accelerate acidification due to lower salinity, but is also evaporating into the atmosphere creating huge concentrations of static and heat energy in water vapor for more severe weather.
      • Mile-wide tornadoes, super-typhoons and hurricanes.
      • Changing Jet-stream and ocean currents diverting needed rains away, causing severe drought and heat waves.
    • The disappearance of glaciers supplying fresh water to billions of people on whole continents.
  • Economy
    • The next financial bubble to burst will be student loans.
    • The conditions that caused the housing bubble remain unchanged.
    • People will stop paying taxes because there is no longer room in prison for them and they won't care.
    • The rate of suicides, burglaries, domestic violence, DUIs, is exploding because life in the west has become a dead-end for most people.
    • Recent high school graduates face a bleak future, along with orphans who are aging out of the public support system.
    • Domestic manufacturing will be done mostly by prisoners working for less than $5 per day.
  • On the Brighter Side
    • Pot is now legal in a couple of states
    • Gay Marriage is now legal in a few states
    • Video Poker and other forms of gambling are gradually being legalized in some states.
    • Solar power is finally being recognized in the main-stream media as beneficial for cutting energy costs.
I guess that's progress.
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