Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What can I do about it?

There are some choices:
  • Vote
    • I've been voting since the 1980's. It didn't help much at all.
  • Protest
    • Protesting didn't do anything but probably get my name on a watch list. Who has such lists?
      • Law enforcement
      • The Chambers of Commerce
      • Opposing political organizations and Think Tanks.
      • Other religious organizations.
      • Seriously though, with our current technology, who would turn down an opportunity to put their opponents on a list of enemies? Think about it.
  • Boycott
    • I boycott everything because I have no money to not boycott anything.
  • Sign a Petition
    • Signing a petition just got my name on someone's watch list.
      • See Protesting above for lists.
  • Donate
    • I have no money to donate.
    • Nothing changed when I did donate.
It feels good to share on social media some article or graphic that expresses an emotion with which you empathize, but that good feeling you get is a false sense of vindication that contributes to your complacency and inaction, and it's not enough anymore. Does everyone feel this way?

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