Monday, July 27, 2015

Just one of those days.

There is a lot of news besides the power-washing of the concrete outside my door before they begin painting, but most of the news online has been shared by others.

I can't really find anything obscure, Here's an example, High Times reports that Several members of Congress are working to end the War on Weed. Oh, also the Capitalist dominoes have begun their tumble.

Everything else is so saturated throughout social media. Hearing ad nauseam about the Trump - Huckabee rhetoric competition left me with no appetite. Everything on my sources list seems to repeat the same handful of stories.

It seems all of the problems we know about have been addressed. We just need to see some changes and some results. There is some good news. On the anti-discrimination front, the Boy Scouts have ended the ban on openly gay leaders. Some sources are saying the Bee population is starting to grow again, but I'm still skeptical. So are a Hell of a lot of Germans.

I must be tired.
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