Monday, July 20, 2015

News and Questions about Bernie Sanders

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The campaign is just getting started and the venues are overflowing. The main-stream media is choosing to ignore Bernie Sanders in favor of Donald Trump. The main-stream media apparently has been losing its influence because of relentless fact-checking by websites such as,,, and others (available on my sources page). More fabrications, half-truths and omissions continue to pile on the reputation of the main-stream media.

I have some questions:

Who will Bernie Sanders choose for his presidential cabinet?

Who will run for Senate and the House of Representatives with the same values as Bernie Sanders? He will need a cooperative congress.

Are there people running for local, county and state office who have the same values as Bernie Sanders? There are ideas that Bernie Sanders is proposing that may not be able to reach into some states because of constitutional separation of powers between state and federal government.

Will Bernie Sanders be able to appoint justices?
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