Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dear Main-Stream Media: Shhhhhh. Just Go Back to Sleep.

The last couple of days my power went out and over a 22 hour period I had nothing but AM radio for entertainment. I tried listening to FM and couldn't get through the song Wild Fire, it brought back too many memories. At that point I had to curl up in bed with a bottle of rum and numb myself to sleep.

Almost every day now there are instances where I'm relieved that I didn't get into Zeta Phi Eta and I'm glad I was eventually laid-off by the Main-Stream Media after an eight year career, because corporate-owned media's relevance is sinking under the subduction zone of the Internet.

I've been following the career of Senator Bernie Sanders since he voted against the war in iraq, something Hillary Clinton regrets supporting. For a while I thought the corporate media couldn't bring itself to admit that it's losing influence due to lackluster coverage of Bernie Sanders.

Now they are cold-starting their spin machines in frustration because they ignored him for too long, but the corporate main-stream media can't spin Bernie's image or his message. There's nothing vague about him or his positions.

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