Monday, November 9, 2015

College Safe Spaces

The New York Times
The Safe Space is a trauma therapy center where real victims can recuperate. Also explains the 'microaggression.'

A Response to the New York Times article. Safe Spaces are an afront to Free Speech, apparently.

Media Matters
The very real crisis of mental health support for college students.

New Republic
Is this the norm or the exception?
Offensive Halloween Costumes, at Yale! Really? Realllly?
Are college campus safe spaces really good for students? To a certain point it seems like a good idea, especially for students that are victims of real crime or abuse.

It seems, however, that interpretation of the idea for safe spaces is getting a little extreme.

Some students apparently feel the outside world that awaits them looms darkly, and seem to be trying to stifle their adjustment to the harsh realities.
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