Wednesday, May 18, 2016

How News Was Spun About The Nevada Democratic Convention

You can easily tell bias when a news outlets says "Hillary Wins State X, Bernie Claims Victory in State Y" or "Bernie Wins State X, Hillary Claims Victory in State Y."

The real hardcore gas-lighting of the public can be found in direct insinuations, or even more clever tacit insinuations such as playing the victim or expressing fear from a group you just deliberately incited into a rage.

Here is a table of stark differences between fact and false propaganda.

What Happened What The Mainstream Media Says Happened
Nevada Democratic Convention: The Videos You Need to See Sanders issues defiant statement under pressure over ruckus
Nina Turner Tells Us What Happened at Nevada Democratic Convention DNC head: ‘No excuse for what happened in Nevada’
Nevada Dem Party Commits Election Fraud & Files Smear Complaint Against Sanders. FIGHT BACK BERNIE Sanders issues belligerent statement after followers threaten to kill NV party chair
Sanders Statement on Nevada (official, full statement) DNC chair rips Sanders' response
Only about 17 percent show up to vote in Kentucky primary The headline was changed to say 20% at this time It's going to stay messy
 Democratic Establishment Steals Nevada Caucus Win From Bernie Sanders Sanders under fire after Nevada convention
[ Local ] KLAS8(CBS) Las Vegas: Nevada Democratic convention abruptly ends amid security concerns Bernie Sanders Facing Pressure Over Supporters’ Actions in Nevada
Nevada Democrats accused Bernie Sanders’s campaign of inciting violence. And Sanders is hitting back.
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