Sunday, November 20, 2016

You Are Being Played By Those Crying "Fake News!"

Yes, you are being played. Especially those of you who are upset about Hillary losing the election.

The main-stream media is crying wolf, or more accurately crying "Fake News!" Making mountains out of mole hills. Most of us know this already.

For the most part they are blaming Russia or people in the Baltic states, which makes my B*s*t meter ping at maximum.

They are trying to blame Facebook and Google, attempting to shame them and other social media outlets into censoring users. Facebook and Google do not create the content, they are merely the medium.

You don't see gun manufacturers and gun store owners going to jail because people used their guns to commit crimes do you? So why should Google and Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or even 4chan be held responsible for any of their content?

There are some other more realistic reasons behind this outcry about "fake news:"

For instance, some Establishment Democrats would like to distract the public from the way they treated Bernie Sanders during the primary. Bernie could have won the election, based on the primary polling numbers.

Some Establishment Republicans and Democrats would like to reign-in and have complete control over communication on the Internet for their own ends.

The Establishment would love to over-regulate media on the Internet to make it less appealing to the public.

Obviously the corporate owners of the main-stream media want to vilify if not completely destroy the alternative Internet media, because they refuse to accept that their main-stream content is stale white bread at best, and at worst, completely deceptive and literally, physically unhealthy corporate propaganda for humans and the environment.

So when you hear on CNN's Reliable Sources, stories about fake news and all its chicanery, think about who is really being served by whining about it.

All you need to do is verify a story with at least two other sources from different or opposing perspectives to weed out the false reporting, which for the most part is just troll humor.

The best part about this is you can find out who the main-stream corporate cronies are who are trying to pass themselves off as alternative media by looking for reporting on "fake news."
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