Monday, February 27, 2017

Not my problem but still not fixed apparently

Here's the email I received from
Goodwill missed out on several thousand dollars worth of merchandise. I finally had to pay a junk removal team to take it. They tossed everything from a second story balcony into the back of a truck, damaging nearly everything.

I hope Goodwill in the future begins to understand economics over the long-term instead of simple accounting. This is purely anecdotal, but it represents the consequences of a poor business model.

Hi Fred,
We wanted to let you know that we've removed your review of Goodwill Shoreline. Your review was brought to our attention by the Yelp community, and we found that it fell outside our Content Guidelines because it largely pertained to matters outside of a typical consumer experience.

We want to hear about your personal experiences with local businesses. The best reviews provide context, detail and perhaps even a helpful tip or two. To learn more, check out our Content Guidelines at
Thanks for understanding, and we'll see you on Yelp! 
Removed Content: 
My unfortunate financial situation is forcing me to move out of state ASAP. I have a one bedroom apartment full of nearly new furniture and electronics (game consoles, cameras, etc) that should net Goodwill at least $4,000.00.
Unfortunately Goodwill has outsourced their hauling to which wants to charge me $969.00 for stuff. which I cannot afford. requires me to download an app to a smartphone which I don't have.
Oh well. Goodwill's loss.

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