Monday, November 12, 2012

An Affair to Disremember

The danger to our freedom to communicate electronically has never been more evident than the misguided ridiculous attempt to wave in front of the public, the secret affair of the CIA Director as some sort of "Asymmetrical Threat of Email" story intended to portray U.S. Intelligence and secrecy teetering on the precipice of annihilation because someone in the hallowed halls of national security was bumping boots and his low-security emails were mined for stank.

The news media knows that the allegedly shocking story about the affairs of former CIA Director David Petraeus would cause to get "the vapors," the radical fundamentalist right-wing conservatives who held their noses in support of Mitt Romney in the last election. No better way to start the end of days celebration then to force to resign, someone who is likely not in favor of war with Iran.

The House of Representatives is likely holding the last-ever session of the GOP. A political party is on its last legs when it must pull out all the stops and rely on emotional appeals, voter suppression and misinformation rather than arguing valid points based on scientific evidence.

Bloomberg is following up on the David Petraeus scandal with leering relish. Lawmakers on Capital Hill are looking forward to every lurid detail. My life isn't affected by it. Maybe stories like that published in business news should be consigned to a sections called "The Money Shot." Perhaps Intrade might have use for this information.

How newsworthy is this affair to you?

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