Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Siren Song of Google Circles

It's one of those days where I believe there's nothing I can write that hasn't already been posted somewhere on the Internet, but people repeat talking points about issues when the issues don't get resolved.

Message boards are teaming with people sharing things they find elsewhere, but don't you dare ask a specific question about something and expect an answer. Most of the content shared on Google+, Facebook, MySpace, etc. is generated elsewhere. If you want professional interaction with specific answers to your questions, you must find a dedicated site like WebMD.

Most online communities are made up of like-minded individuals. One must really make an effort to step outside ones own box. There may be unimagined perspectives beyond the realm of the standard opposing viewpoint. We must keep asking ourselves why we are comfortable where we are, and ask if this comfort of like-minded company within our Google Circles isn't really an isolated island of Sirens, keeping our eyes and ears couched in emotional validation while our rights and property are being looted. And, every time I share something I have to wonder if I'm just preaching to the choir.

Growing up I had very little control over my own impulses to seek out validation for its own sake, instead of delaying gratification to sit through important information being taught in school. Chronic anxiety disorder will do that. In school I was easily distracted by girls, food, other misbehaving students and the natural beauty outside the window.

My  brain was craving Dopamine. I've known about this since my mid thirties, yet I can't resist seeking satisfaction. Ten years on my vices are now pizza, ice cream and social media. Since our nation faces an epidemic of obesity and diabetes, I suspect too many of us never learned early enough about our impulses and how to deal with them.
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