Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hello Avast Tech Support, Are You There?

Apparently not. My Windows Action Center kept informing me that Avast was not running. Avast, however, reports that it is running.

Who is telling the truth?

I wanted to find out so I went to the Avast Support site and tried to logon with the same email and password I used when I PAID FOR THE FULL VERSION. According to their records, I don't exist.

I then tried to create an account and login again. NOPE.

I then reset my password. They allowed me to reset my password, so I tried to login again. NOPE. I still don't exist.

Avast Antivirus got high ratings at from both editors and users. Why?

No way to contact them unless I call them on the phone and I have no time to wait on hold.

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