Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Alternative News for May 20, 2015

I'm sure by now you probably bookmarked my sources page or created your own, so this will be the last of the alternative news features posted here.
The Humanist: On the Hill: AHA to Bring Congressional Attention to Murdered Humanist Bloggers The Intercept: AN FBI Informant Makes a New Career as a Defense Expert
FDL: Obama Sighed Bill to Help Protect Police, Howver, Police Are Not Under Attack in America Alternet: Scott Walker Lets Billionaire Donors Know the Outrageous Sum It'll Take to Buy Him Off
The Brad Blog: Scott Walker and GOP Turning First Amendment Rights Upside Down CPI: Party control of Pennsylvania's high court up for grabs
CPI: Who's Calling the Shots in State Politics? Common Dreams: Decrying Corporate Greed, McDonald's Cooks and Cashiers Confront Shareholders
Counter Current News: NYPD Admits They Have Been Arresting Too Many People, Considering Amnesty For 1.2 Million Counter Punch: Another Idiotic Plan to Hurt Russia
Daily Kos: "No, we can't" is the real America. EPI: BroadBased Wage Growth Is a Key Tool in the Fight Against Poverty
EcoWatch: Chipotle Under Attack for Going GMO Free Food Safety News: ConAgra Agrees to Pay $11.2 Million for Salmonella Outbreak
HNGN: Pipeline Burst in California Spills 21,000 Gallons of Crude Oil Into Pacific Ocean Liberal America: Child’s Answer Is A Realization Center To The Truth Of The Invasion Of Iraq
Media Matters: Tucker Carlson To Alex Jones: Obama Pushing "Nazi" Racial Politics Mint Press News: Libya Still Reeling From 2011 NATO Removal Of Gadhafi
Mother Jones: What Particular Kind of Death Is Your State Known For? ProPublica: Hacked Sony Emails Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Political Dealings in L.A.
Raw Story: Stone tool discovery pushes back the archaeological record by 700,000 years Right Wing Watch: Scott Walker To Anti-Choice Leaders: I Didn't Mean What I Said About Abortion Being Between 'A Woman And Her Doctor'
TPM: There's Been A Major Staff Reshuffling In Clintonland Consumerist: GM: That Car You Bought? We’re Really The Ones Who Own It.
The Daily Beast: How Facebook Exposes Domestic Violence Survivors The Guardian: 'Prison guards can never be weak': the hidden PTSD crisis in America's jails
The Real News: Scheer and Hedges: They Know Everything About You (7/7) Think Progress: Federal Court: Notre Dame Can’t Cut Off Birth Control For Its Students
Truth Dig: Seymour Hersh Stands by His bin Laden Story, and His Sources Truth Out: The Real "Looting": From Slavery to Policing and Beyond
World Socialist Website: Only one in four workers worldwide has a stable job MORE SOURCES
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