Friday, July 31, 2015

Special News Box Edition: Media Influence

It's a Very Special News Box Edition
Does the shake-up at MSNBC have the remaining hosts quaking in their boots?
They say MSNBC is tanking in the ratings, but who is being polled? It seems that while Bernie Sanders is leading in the polls in New Hampshire and Iowa this early in the campaign, it's counter-intuitive that the shows touted on MSNBC as "Liberal" or "Progressive" leaning would have low ratings. Once again, who is being polled to determine the shows ratings? Is someone being duped?

Here in the news box, examine if you will, the apparent evolution of Chris Matthews position on Bernie Sanders as MSNBC is torn asunder by its corporate masters.

UPDATE: Thom Hartmann's Blog -- Christ Matthews is a Shill for the Insider Machine

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Possible news section coming: 'Nose-Bleed-News' after some of what I read today.

Center for Public Integrity
Crooks And Liars
New Hampshire Voters Explain The Appeal Of Donald Trump OR "He's someone I could sit and have a beer with" becomes "He says it like it is."
Economic Policy Institute
World Economic Forum
Some of the news from my sources list today, some within Reddit, almost gave me a nose-bleed. You know that feeling you get; other people might notice a vein throbbing on your forehead or hear the newspaper crumple in your reddening, shaking fists.

Most of it was top-screen (formerly top-fold) material. I try to scroll down to find things that might be overlooked.

Most scary is that Rick Perry is suddenly starting to sound almost like Bernie Sanders on some issues, and aside from tripping over a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich, Scott Walker seems to be slip-sliding his way clean out the other side of legal trouble,

Mark Your Calendars, The first GOP debate is scheduled for August 6th in Cleveland.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Getting to Know Your Elected Officials

An interactive almanac of U.S. politics. Find your district and learn exactly who represents you.
The National Institute On Money in State Politics: The nation's only free, non-partisan, verifiable archive of contributions to political campaigns in all 50 states.
Center for Responsive Politics: The nation's premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effects on elections and public policy.
Look at the past voting records and positions of U.S. politicians.
Your state and local election committees may have a deadline for signing up to run for office.

If you want to help Bernie Sanders be a successful President of the United States, he will not only need a cooperative congress, but cooperative elected officials at the state, county, and municipal levels as well.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

News Box to make up for yesterday's blahs

Worker Independent News
(Audio) WIN Labor Report July 29, 2015Chris Christie's Public Pension Debacle
Yesterday I wasn't feeling like doing much of anything, so today I made up for it by spending a few hours digging through my source page for stories. The Big Outside-The-Box news is that Bernie Sanders is having a nation-wide town hall meeting JULY 29, 2015 (TOMORROW)

Here's the link to locate an event near you. Hurry! I imagine space will be limited.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Just one of those days.

There is a lot of news besides the power-washing of the concrete outside my door before they begin painting, but most of the news online has been shared by others.

I can't really find anything obscure, Here's an example, High Times reports that Several members of Congress are working to end the War on Weed. Oh, also the Capitalist dominoes have begun their tumble.

Everything else is so saturated throughout social media. Hearing ad nauseam about the Trump - Huckabee rhetoric competition left me with no appetite. Everything on my sources list seems to repeat the same handful of stories.

It seems all of the problems we know about have been addressed. We just need to see some changes and some results. There is some good news. On the anti-discrimination front, the Boy Scouts have ended the ban on openly gay leaders. Some sources are saying the Bee population is starting to grow again, but I'm still skeptical. So are a Hell of a lot of Germans.

I must be tired.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Am I over-analyzing the main-stream media?

Today is July 23, 2015. The reason I'm adding this date is that these links may actually be updated to reflect something different when you see them.

I knew what I would find when I embarked on a mission to see just how the main-stream media are reporting on Bernie Sanders. Just see for yourself: #WhereIsBernieSanders

ABC News Political Page:
CBS News Political Page:
NBC News Political page:

Oh look, We found him at the bottom of this Second-Tier main-stream page:

MSNBC Democracts News Page:

Of course it was framed to imply that Bernie Sanders was at the very least absent-minded about civil rights, when in reality he's been fighting for civil rights his whole adult life.

Not Here, however:

Fox News Politics Page:

In college I learned why these news sources avoid reporting on people like Senator Sanders. They rely on continued financial support from corporations that either own them or advertise on them. Of course they must avoid Bernie Sanders like the plague. His ideas do not favor those who hoard wealth. But this was not always the case.

Originally, newspapers were supported by subscribers. An equitable distribution of support that allowed the media freedom to report honestly about how the vast majority of people were treated, until the Railroad Barons, Oil Barons and other industrialists began buying up newspapers and hiring reporters to print more favorable articles. The newspapers that still reported on the horrible living and working conditions of the poor were labeled as "Muck-Raking." One pioneer of this propaganda was William Randolph Hearst, who was obliquely featured in the film Citizen Kane.

Today, the Internet provides invaluable alternative resources that allow us to examine the main-stream media for glaring omissions, distractions, distortions, and outright lies, which unfortunately, are becoming all too common.

Monday, July 20, 2015

News and Questions about Bernie Sanders

Democratic Underground
Dissident Voice
The campaign is just getting started and the venues are overflowing. The main-stream media is choosing to ignore Bernie Sanders in favor of Donald Trump. The main-stream media apparently has been losing its influence because of relentless fact-checking by websites such as,,, and others (available on my sources page). More fabrications, half-truths and omissions continue to pile on the reputation of the main-stream media.

I have some questions:

Who will Bernie Sanders choose for his presidential cabinet?

Who will run for Senate and the House of Representatives with the same values as Bernie Sanders? He will need a cooperative congress.

Are there people running for local, county and state office who have the same values as Bernie Sanders? There are ideas that Bernie Sanders is proposing that may not be able to reach into some states because of constitutional separation of powers between state and federal government.

Will Bernie Sanders be able to appoint justices?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

More News in a Box

World Economic Forum
Workers Independent News
Today's News in the box is quite extensive. I started from the bottom of my source list and worked my way up. I also added CSS for the links, unfortunately it effects the whole page. I'll probably add the CSS to my Blogger Template code to make it standard, but it probably won't look like this. Still tinkering with styles.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

News in a box

Today most of the news I picked is related to Greece. It's important because it serves as a model for what happens when austerity policies are implemented. It's not just happening over there. It's happening in several U.S. States, like Kansas and Wisconsin, for example. Do you know who has been raving about this for years and years? Bernie Sanders. #FeelTheBern