Monday, September 28, 2015

Writing Habits and Phrases That Grind

Someone on social media posted a link to Carly Fiorina’s mounting scandals will force her to drop out at Daily News Bin. The story is an interesting aggregation of information, but what's more fascinating is the style of the writing. Some of the phrases made the reading a little difficult.

"...didn't even so much as have a pulse..."
"...beyond the general consensus..."
"...hapless candidates."
"...once again bulldozed the conversation..."
"Even as['s] also..."
"Suddenly it turns out..."
"That places her campaign on a countdown..."
"Keep in mind...and particularly..."
"...approaching that mark at light speed."
"It turns out..."
"...has also been..."
"If that's not enough..."
"...about having done so."
"...she has also been..." & "She's also been..."
"Republican primary voters may be extremist but they're not that stupid..."

There was very interesting observation worth delving into later, that...
republican voters, and particularly republican primary voters don't care about scandal or incompetence or dishonesty unless it reaches such a level that they realize the candidate will never win over enough of the mainstream to get elected.
The article made me question my own writing habits. I also realized how much influence Twitter has on my composition.

The paragraph style for journalism is supposed to be shorter than novel style, and Twitter actually reinforces the journalistic style due to the character limit. It also forces the user to more efficiently phrase posts. I think Twitter's influence is partly responsible for drawing my attention to the composition style of this article The other part is my college education.. There were no reference links for any of the claims made in the article.

Despite its shortcomings, I'll add it to my source list.

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