Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Democratic Debate: What Some of the Media Had to Say About It.

AmericaBlog: The Democratic Party won the Democratic Debate Alternet: The Bernie Effect Puts Corporate Greed Center Stage at Dem Debate, and Hillary Holds Her Own
The Center for Public Integrity: Hillary Clinton dominating presidential race’s TV ad war Common Dreams: Bernie and Hillary Duel as Democrats Debate
Crooks And Liars: Michael Smerconish: Jim Webb Would 'Play Better On The Other Party's Stage' AND The Great Democratic Gun Debate Daily Kos: Cooper red-baited Bernie Sanders with deceptive Soviet honeymoon claim
Daily News Bin: Watch Bernie Sanders saying he’s tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s “damn emails” AND Here’s why six Democratic Party debates is more than enough Democratic Underground: Scroll down to the "Trending Now" section.
Eco Watch: 8 Misleading Claims in the #DemDebate Eberto Willies: Civil debate without fireworks most likely won’t shift direction of race AND Best 3 minutes of the Democratic Debate (VIDEO) AND Democratic debate live blogging
FireBrandLeft: Sanders Wins Big, Webb Loses in First CNN Democratic Primary Debate AND The Debate Question We Really Want Sanders and Clinton to Answer Forward Progressives: Democrats Just Showed Republicans How Adults Conduct a Debate
HNGN: Fox Poll: Four Republican Presidential Candidates Beat Hillary Clinton In Head-To-Head Matchup Mediaite: Rubio: Dem Debate Was Just ‘Who Was Going to Give Away the Most Free Stuff’
Mother Jones: At least a half-dozen stories about the debate. New Republic: Why Bernie Sanders Lost the Democratic Debate and at least a half-dozen more stories about the debate.
Op Ed News: Sanders Crushes in EVERY Post Debate Poll -- 7 Different Poll Results AND 7 Major Headlines: Clinton Clearly Winning the MSM War! Politifact: Fact-checking the first Democratic presidential debate
Salon: Bernie Sanders can’t win this way: Why his admirable debate performance still can’t unseat Hillary Clinton The Daily Beast: Hillary Clinton Goes Full Khaleesi, Sets the CNN Debate Stage on Fire AND Two Other Debate Stories
The Guardian: Hillary Clinton rises above controversy – and a Sanders revolution – at debate The Young Turks: CNN Democratic Debate: The Young Turks Summary
Think Progress: What Democrats Missed When They Debated Paid Family Leave AND Two other debate stories. Wonkette: Democrats Agree: Nobody Gives A Damn About Hillary’s Sextghazi Emails AND An Affair To Zzzzzz: Liveblogging The Democrats Being Total Grown-Ups, Lame
Breitbart: At least a half-dozen stories about the debate. Fox News: Clinton debate performance enough to keep Biden on sidelines?
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