Sunday, November 22, 2015

The War on Freedom

A pseudonym for an anonymous group of authors who printed scathing pamphlets in 1588, resulting in the executions of people who may not have been associates.

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A Discourse on Rational Communication

Documenting infringements on First Amendment rights. Also, see Journalist Arrested.

Documenting Abuse of Authority

Mint Press News (09/03/2015)
Many public colleges and private universities are being infiltrated by plutocrats.
I think I've said this before. Free speech has its consequences. Everywhere I see protesters getting arrested which means local authorities now have their criminal records and finger prints on file.

When the Founding Fathers were contemplating the First Amendment, they formed the ideas from a long, horrific history of torture and executions for speaking up. One such example is the Martin Marprelate controversy (link in the box).

Now main-stream journalism is under assault. The authorities know how to spot them because they have the big professional video cameras, lights and boom microphones.

Authorities also know how to spot people up-close holding up their cell phones recording incidents.

The natural progression of revolution is to escalate and counter-escalate. The next phase that follows protesters and journalists getting arrested and whose grievances are ignored, is a vicious underground resistance movement.

If Bernie Sanders isn't elected, can we expect nothing less? To all those protesters and journalists who have already been arrested and documented, you should probably plan your safe-houses and movements carefully and go off the grid. To the rest, good luck.
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