Sunday, December 6, 2015

Vetting a Congress That Will Support Bernie Sanders

Progressive Democrats of America
Goes as far as mentioning Living Wage Jobs, but not quite as far as demanding a $15 per hour minimum wage, or a minimum weekly schedule of no less than 35 hours.

See the members of the advisory board, staff, consultants, and reference links to

In These Times
It looks like PDA is trying to take the bulk of the credit for getting Bernie Sanders into the main-stream spotlight.

Lots of pro-Bernie stuff. Maybe they're genuine.

The Atlantic
The Establishment Party begins to slip up and rear its ugly head. We must weed out the infiltrators of the true progressive caucus.

American Prospect
There are Oligarchs who can't see the consequences of their actions that led to the French and Russian revolutions, then there are those who know they can keep their crowns and heads by appeasing the masses.
It's less than a year away from the general election. If Bernie wins he still faces a majority of Establishment politicians in the House of Representatives and Senate. What are Establishment Politicians?

The Establishment is a bi-partisan coalition of House and Senate members that favors local and Wall Street billionaires. In other words, both Democrats and Republicans that work on behalf of their donors instead of all their voters.

You can visit and look up your congress member's donors.
You want candidates running in your district who have the largest number of small individual contributions, those are the candidates who are beholden to all of the people.

The candidates who receive very large donations from a small number of donors, or are supported by Super PACs are beholden to the elite few with lots of money.

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