Saturday, January 20, 2018

Happy New Year

Is this it? I'm here in Springfield, Illinois for a year now. Nobody is interested in hiring me and my cousin Tom. tells me Springfield is a dead end. He's doing something different. He specializes in hunting hard-to-find items and then sells them. Maybe I need to do something different too, but I haven't found a need around this town that could be filled with my particular set of skills.

Today was the Women's March. I took a few photos, laughed at some hilarious signs and listened to some speeches. My cousin in Chicago messaged me that the turnout there was around 300,000.

Yesterday I was getting my haircut and I mentioned the march and everyone just poo-pooed it as some feminist event. I guess they don't worry about the fact that women are paid around eighty cents for every dollar a man makes, or that white male politicians are trying to be gynecologists and intervene in women's medical issues. The crowd was relatively small compared to the ten percent of Springfield's population that showed up for Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign stop in Springfield.

Watching CNN tonight, it was beginning to look like the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same corporate coin. The Democrats want DACA passed for the Dreamers, The Republicans want their budget passed, the President wants his Mexico border wall,  and none of the three branches of our government are willing to compromise. The finger-pointing seems to be engineered by all sides, or worse, engineered by their corporate owners, the donors who decide who gets the money to run for office.

This reminds me of Tammany Hall, the birthplace of political obfuscation. A similar outcome seems to be festering.
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